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Like with any new job you often feel a sense of uncertainty. You will be placed in a new environment with new people, new challenges, and a new set of responsibilities. At your new job, the rubric for success is typically vague, and unexpressed. Learning what it takes to strive in this new business is vital to gaining a great experience. To help you with your success, I have put together these tips to guide you through your first couple of weeks in this new business thanks to a guide provided by Forbes.

Make a Good Impression:

A key component of succeeding in your new career is not what you know or who you know, but who knows you. During the first couple of days at a new job, you want to present your enthusiasm to coworkers and bosses alike. The best thing you can do is to find the timing that feels right and give a simple, energetic introduction to the people you don’t know yet. If you are introducing yourself, take a mental note of how the other person is reacting. If they seem distracted, keep it brief. If they seem receptive, this may signal you to get to know this person better and vice versa. In addition, to other employees, you want to make a good impression on your new boss. Your new boss can either be your biggest challenge or your biggest asset. 

Adopt a Learning Mindset:

Research has shown that new employees perform better when they ask more questions. No one expects you to know everything as a new hire but by asking your leaders and peers for new information, you’ll get up to speed quickly. Take the time to learn the what, why, and how of projects and processes that are successfully executed. Along the way, it is also important to correct and learn from any mistakes and to not be afraid to reach out for assistance. 

Creating a Strong Work Ethic:

The reality of the workplace is that bosses appreciate, notice, and promote the employees who perform the best. A strong work ethic illustrates that you take your job and the organization’s priorities seriously. A trustworthy employee dedicated to provided quality service is an employee worth keeping and promoting.

Khoa Nathan Ngo