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It is not always easy to understand when a career change is needed for an individual. Sometimes we have wonderful relationships with our co-workers, which helps keep us happy and content at our current employer, even if the actual career is going nowhere fast. Other times, we may be experiencing emotional and professional highs and lows at a fast pace. During these times in our career, the thought of switching to a brand new type of work comes into mind.

In other instances, it is obvious our career is going nowhere fast. The raise didn’t go through and promises were made about career growth that never materialized, and maybe we just don’t like our co-workers. There are many reasons why a career change might be needed.

Are you bored with your current work? Has growth come to a complete stop? Is there no raise in pay expected to be rewarded anytime soon? Is your boss driving you crazy? Do your hours go up without realistic compensation? Are your valued skills being overlooked and not being utilized regularly? Do you dread the idea of going to work? Do you feel like your work is under-appreciated? Does work have a negative impact on personal life? Do you find yourself daydreaming about a new career during the day? Is the company actually not doing well overall and you see a downfall of the company soon?

If the answer is yes to one, some, or all of the questions above, a career change might be a great idea. A generation back, most Americans looked for a career at a young age they could dedicate themselves to for the rest of their lives. It was common to work the same job and sometimes at the same company for up to 50 years. Over the years, and along with technologies, the way careers are approached has shifted dramatically. In today’s world, most Americans by the age of 50 will have experienced over 12 career paths. Take comfort knowing that changing a career is very common and it is done regularly.

We only live once and what we choose for our career path is one of the most important decisions we can make. Changing a career path might feel daunting at first, but once a decision has been made, there is no going back to the old career. It is time to find a new career.