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Khoa-Nathan Ngo

Professional Overview

About Khoa-Nathan

Khoa-Nathan Ngo is a passionate advocate for several important causes. Although still very young, Khoa-Nathan Ngo has established himself as an agent for change in his  community. Ngo served as a leader for the Advocacy  Committee in Santa Clara County. In  this role, Khoa-Nathan was able to lead the planning as  well as the directing of all advocacy activities and efforts. Ngo proved to be extremely talented in this arena.

From there, Ngo went on to become the Engagement Director for Our Time to Act United. Ngo performed similar duties in this role, although he was dealing with a much larger organization this time. While working with Our Time to Act, Khoa-Nathan created the Youth Education Model. This tool made  it possible for youth to be trained correctly and  able  to go  on to make effective social change. Specifically, Ngo is passionate about justice for Asian-Pacific  Islanders.  While in this  role, Khoa was the leader of  the Support and Retention Ad Hoc Committee. Khoa-Nathan found great joy in this role  serving his community members.

Most recently, Khoa-Nathan served  as California Community Colleges’ Chair of the  Finance Committee  of the Student Senate. This opportunity allowed Ngo to gain experience managing budgets, overseeing fundraising efforts  and creating fiscal reports. Aside from this, Ngo is extremely active  in other  school government organizations.

While working as the Engagement Director for Our Time to Act United, Ngo organized social justice events around topics such as environmental justice, health equity, Asian-Pacific justice, and other critical social issues. While working for these causes, Ngo realized how important it is to him  to help others.  

Khoa-Nathan  has attended De Anza College from 2019-present and currently attends Mission College. Ngo currently holds  a  GPA of 3.3 while  being involved in several key positions. For  example, Khoa-Nathan serves as the De Anza Ability Club President. In this role, Ngo spearheads accessibility and disability proactive justice and equality efforts on campus. Ngo also cofounded the club to serve as  the main Disability affinity group for the campus.

Ngo also serves as the Senator of the De Anza Student Government Senator. Here, he analyzes financial needs, assesses risks, creates budgets, and conducts interviews. Khoa-Nathan also collaborates with other Finance Senators in order to set goals and form partnerships. Again, Ngo finds much pleasure in assisting his college and furthering good efforts.

Khoa-Nathan Ngo is passionate about helping and supporting  others  through  social justice and change. Specifically, Ngo works to support Asian-Pacific Islanders, child abuse survivors and  public health.

Khoa Nathan Ngo